Join our 1000+ designers all over the world for the 2016 Fall Semester! Submissions close September 30. 
Flex Watches are inspired by a community of designers from around the world.  Flex Watches sponsors monthly design challenges with independent artists and designers creating our generations newest trends. We're bridging the gap between independent designers and introducing artists to the wonderful world of retail. Together, we're providing jobs while designing your next purchase.
The Super Fun FAQ's
If I'm not in college, can I still be a rep?
Yes of course! We prefer that you're either in college or about to start school. However, we would never say no to a super fan!
Can I use Flex Watches for college credit?
Yes and once you're accepted, we'll explain further on how we can get you set up. It's probably the coolest project you'd ever do. 
Will I get paid as a campus rep?
You can totally make some money with our new program. It's as simple as raising awareness around your campus and making a difference. 
How much time is required to be a rep?
As much or as little as you'd like to make it. We do require our reps to be active on Facebook and/or Instagram. The program works on a semester basis. 
Can I invite my friends to be reps? 
Yes, please do! The link to share with your friends is below. If you think they would be interested, qualified students, then "Pick em up!" (Dumb and Dumber quote...)